Nebbia DevOps Offer For Visual Studio 1

Every company can benefit from implementing the tools and practices that are generally described as DevOps. These practices are meant to help teams deliver software faster by removing obstacles in the software development process and providing the business with shorter cycle-times to bring value to the end users. DevOps focuses on 3 areas:

People: Bring People Together

– Collaborate between different teams, such as the business, developers, and operations.
– Share common goals
– Focus on Improvement

Process: Deliver Value Faster

– Eliminate waste
– Increase efficiency
– Streamline feedback

Tools: Execute a DevOps strategy

– Enhance productivity
– Enable collaboration
– Facilitate experimentation

As organizations look to make improvements across all 3 areas, it is important to create a DevOps roadmap that will guide how the organization prioritizes their focus and that the organization is working together with a common goal.

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