In addition to the courses outlined below, Nebbia Technology can create customized training specific to your team and organization.  For more details on these training courses or to get a customized training course for your team please contact

Visual Studio Team Services
Visual Studio Team Services is as set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that allows teams to effectively work on software projects.  VSTS includes Agile Planning tools, Version Control (Team Foundation Version Control and Git), Build Automation, Test Management, Release Management, and more.  This 2-day course will teach you how to succeed with Visual Studio Team Services and leverage its functionality to enable your team to deliver quality software. (There are two versions of this training available, one for Developers and one for Agile Practitioners.)

Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio
Unit tests gives teams an efficient way to look for logic errors and validate their code. Unit testing has the greatest effect when it’s an integral part of your software development workflow. As soon as you write a function or other block of application code, you can create unit tests that verify the behavior of the code in response to standard, boundary, and incorrect cases of input data, and that verify any explicit or implicit assumptions made by the code.  In a software development practice known as test-driven development, you create the unit tests before you write the code, so you use the unit tests as both design documentation and functional specifications of the functionality. Visual Studio supports Unit Testing and you can leverage the power of TFS or Visual Studio Team Services to run automated tests as part of a Continuous Integration process.  This 1-day course covers an introduction to TDD practices and techniques, Unit Testing with Visual Studio Fundamentals, working with MSTest and Continuous Feedback.

Microsoft Test Manager
This 2-day course provides Testers with the knowledge needed to take full advantage of TFS 2013’s capabilities using Microsoft Test Manager.  On day one you will cover Introduction to Microsoft Test Manager, create and configure test plans, test configurations, create test suites, create test cases, shared steps, parameterized test cases, running tests and action recording.  On day two you will learn how to understand test results and gathered data, bug workflow, exploratory testing, analysis and reporting, understand TFS builds, test impact analysis, coded UI tests and lab management.