Want to upgrade but can’t spare the downtime?

Make the switch to Azure DevOps.
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Azure DevOps Migration Offering

We have seen clients waste a lot of time updating, patching, and managing their TFS server (now known as Azure DevOps Server). We want to help you move to Azure DevOps so your developers can have that time back and never waste valuable energy on downtime, delays, and backups of your TFS server ever again. Azure DevOps gives you the latest and greatest enhancements automatically, and I’m sure your team can think of a few things they’d rather be doing on nights and weekends than applying yet another patch to TFS.

But Isn’t it a Waste of Time?

Maybe you’re eager to migrate, but you don’t have time to waste on a trial and error approach. Perfect! Hand the job over to us. At Nebbia Technology, we’ve done over 25 migrations over the past three years. We’d love to help your team, too! As industry experts, we’ve been doing TFS migrations to Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) since 2016 and we were one of the first partners to work with Microsoft’s high fidelity tool when it was in preview. We have seen all the migration complexities over the years because of this and can lend this knowledge and expertise to your company.

Let’s Get You Out of Maintenance Mode

Let us handle the dirty work – including making sure all the teams, dashboards, work items, test cases, and users are reflected in your new cloud-based Azure DevOps service. Let’s get you out of maintenance mode. We can move your team from TFS to Azure DevOps smoothly – done once, done right. By allowing us to handle the migration, you can focus on the result: leveraging the new features and functionality you’ll gain with Azure DevOps.


The first step to getting you out of maintenance mode is to assess your current implementation of TFS. Everyone’s is different! We’ve seen all sorts of challenges when moving TFS, including consolidating collections, handling customizations… and we’ve conquered them all.


The fun begins! We’ll migrate your team* from the latest version of TFS to Azure DevOps and be available along the way to answer questions. You’ll get a full migration done right the first time.


We’ll start you out on the right foot and guide you on your next steps**.

Our goal is to help teams in their DevOps journey to be more effective and faster at delivering value to their clients and customers.

We see Azure DevOps as an incredibly useful way to offload the work of managing a TFS instance and a crucial part of leveling up your DevOps capabilities. This is more than a migration – it’s a vital step along the DevOps path.

What our clients are saying…

Rebekah C.

IT Manager, Automation & Agile Development

FirstService Residential

It has been a pleasure working with Nebbia on several engagements, including our migration from TFS 2012 to Azure DevOps and moving from TFVC to Git. Our teams are working more efficiently using this latest solution from Microsoft and we would not have been able to make this move without Nebbia’s expertise and hands-on efforts.

Steve B.

Sr. Software Engineer


After a few failed attempts at migrating to Azure DevOps on our own we reached out to Nebbia for help. They provided expertise and guidance to migrate our two on premise TFS Collections to Azure DevOps will full fidelity. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Steve W.

President & CEO

DiCOM Software LLC

DiCOM Software successfully partnered with Nebbia Technology for our Azure DevOps migration. From beginning to end the migration process was well executed and all challenges were overcome due to Nebbia’s knowledgeable, skilled team. The most compelling thing I can say is that the migration only minimally impacted our development organization and the production cutover was virtually a “non-event” because it went so smoothly. I would definitely recommend partnering with Nebbia Technology to anyone considering migrating to Azure DevOps.

Eric B.

Director of Information Technology


Nebbia Technology worked with us to fully evaluate on our on-premises TFS implementation and develop a comprehensive migration strategy to Azure DevOps. Throughout the entire process, Nebbia provided expert advice and hands-on support to make the transition seamless for our internal teams. Nebbia continues to be a strategic partner for us as we continue our cloud migration journey.

We’re ready when you are.

Make The Switch

* There is a pre-requisite for the $20K offering that your company is on one of the latest versions of TFS. Nebbia Technology can upgrade and then migrate for an additional cost.

**Additional training is an optional add-on to this offering.

***Call us today to see if you qualify, as there are additional criteria for this offering.