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A DevOps Consultant at Nebbia Technology provides guidance and hands-on DevOps consulting to Nebbia’s customers.  DevOps is Nebbia’s core offering and Nebbia’s DevOps consultants are delivering Nebbia’s message and leading our customers towards best practices.  A big part of a DevOps consultant’s job is of non-technical nature, focusing on people and process improvement, and the DevOps consultant is expected to be able to also act upon those technical recommendations.

DevOps starts with people, by helping teams collaborate together and streamline processes to shorten the cycle time from an idea to production.  DevOps consultants are able to work with customers to understand current state and create a roadmap and recommendations to achieve improvements throughout the customer’s DevOps journey.  A DevOps Consultant understands and can provide consulting on Agile project management frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban and Agile software engineering practices.

On the tools side, Nebbia’s DevOps consultant has expertise in VSTS, including advising customers on best practices adopting VSTS, structuring team projects and teams, securing VSTS with Azure AD, and providing expertise on Work Management, code repositories, branching strategies, build automation, release automation, package management, and other core VSTS features.  As part of a customer’s adoption of VSTS, a DevOps Consultant will be able to perform TFS upgrades and VSTS Migrations.

There is a close relationship between DevOps and Azure at Nebbia Technology, and DevOps consultants will be involved in discussions and provide guidance to our customers on how DevOps practices support a customer’s journey to Azure.  A DevOps consultant works with software development teams to automate their deployments to Azure and works with technologies such as ARM Templates to provide Infrastructure as Code and Application Insights to create a feedback loop from Azure back to VSTS.

Internally, DevOps consultants work with Software Developers and Azure Consultants to implement DevOps best practices internally and create guidance based on real-world scenarios.

DevOps Consultants will work with project management to deliver software projects following Scrum or Kanban and provide visibility on delivery scope, timelines, and expectations.


DevOps Consultants at Nebbia Technology will be proficient across these technologies and concepts:

  • VSTS Core Features
  • VSTS Migrations
  • TFS Upgrades
  • DevOps Workshops
  • DevOps Assessments & Recommendations
  • CI / CD
  • ARM Templates
  • Test automation
  • Database deployment with Redgate tools
  • Application Insights
  • VSTS Training
  • Git Training
  • Scrum and Kanban expertise
  • Azure Automated deployments

Interested applicants can apply here.