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An Azure Consultant at Nebbia Technology provides guidance and hands-on Azure consulting to Nebbia’s customers.  Most of Nebbia’s Azure work revolves around software development efforts, with application modernization, so Azure consultants provide guidance on creating and deploying to PaaS environments and providing customers with the operational knowledge to continue to evolve their solution once in Azure.

At Nebbia, we are strong believers that a journey to Azure is not complete without a DevOps strategy in place, so the Azure consultant is able to work with customers and members of Nebbia’s development and DevOps teams to create that strategy and help implement it.

Nebbia’s customers are often looking for guidance on the most effective way to structure their Azure subscriptions and Azure resources.  Nebbia’s Azure consultant provides our customers with guidance and hands-on expertise on subscription setup, resource group configuration, cost management, company cloud-usage policies, security setup, networking, and other items required to provide customers with a clear path to Azure.  Although Nebbia’s focus is on using Azure to support a customer’s App Modernization, part of enabling Azure may include Azure infrastructure such as Virtual Network configuration, VPN, OMS, and Security Center.

DevOps is Nebbia’s core offering and Nebbia’s DevOps consultants are delivering Nebbia’s message and leading our customers towards best practices.  A big part of a DevOps consultant’s job is of non-technical nature, focusing on people and process improvement, and the DevOps consultant is expected to be able to also act upon those technical recommendations.

Technology (Development-focus)

  • PaaS expertise (App Service, data, serverless)
  • Data management (SQL, Cosmos)
  • Design & advise on sizing and costs
  • Azure deployment
  • Serverless automated deployments
  • Application Insights
  • Azure patterns and architecture for developers
  • Deliver POCs and convert them into production delivery

Technology (Infrastructure-focus)

  • IaaS Expertise
  • VNet, Network configuration
  • VPN
  • Hybrid networks
  • Express Route
  • Security Center
  • OMS
  • Log Analytics
  • Deliver Azure Workshops
  • Policies (Naming, Cost Management)
  • Dev/Test Lab Setup
  • Subscription & Resource Group Management
  • ARM Templates
  • Azure Patterns and Architecture for Ops Teams

Interested applicants can apply here.