Git Branching Strategies

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Git Branching Strategies As a developer I have felt the pain of long, complex, merges of code. Juggling which branch to apply a hotfix, which release is in production and how we patch it. Do we roll back the code, apply the fix, then roll forward? Make a branch, fix it, then release that? And ...

From AD to Azure AD – Your Hybrid Identity Journey

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For the last twenty years if you ran a Windows network then you generally used Active Directory to handle your authentication and authorization for users and computers. Historically this design model has worked well in the four walls of the business and when networks were managed and controlled by the organization’s IT department. As the ...

5 Reasons to Adopt Kubernetes Today

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Kubernetes has been getting a lot of attention lately and it's not hard to figure out why. In fact, the Kubernetes website provides more than 50 case studies of unique scenarios in which Kubernetes removed barriers for managing infrastructure and services while reducing the operational overhead and overall cost; all of which would not have ...

Adding Unit Tests to Legacy Code

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You've heard it before, probably a million times. "Developers must write unit tests." Easier said than done. There's the big monoliths, the ugly codebases, the mission-critical code that one really knows how it works. Well, it turns out that those ugly pieces of software that provide a lot of value are probably going to require ...

TFVC to Git – Things to Consider

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Consider There are a lot of things to consider when migrating from TFVC, a centralized version control, to Git, a distributed version control system.   While it's easy to think version control is version control, there are actually a lot of differences.  Let's walk through some of the things to consider after you've made the decision ...

Do You Have a Toxic Normal?

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Looking back recently at both my professional career, as well as the daily life of some loved ones, I often ask myself what kept me in a bad situation soo long before I realized it was not for me? I was once the primary deployment engineer for a very large-scale financial organization. The Dev Org ...