What Should You Log to Application Insights? Everything!

One question that comes up time and again from our customers: What should I log to Application Insights? Application Insights gives you an extraordinary amount of information out-of-the-box with just a few lines of code added to your server and/or client codebase. Exception and dependency tracking, average page view time, long-running queries, performance metrics, request statistics, availability measures... the standard ...

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Redis Cache On Azure and Why

In today’s world of distributed applications, having a cache solution that can scale with an application is a prerequisite for success. Caching in the AspNet world has typically been tied to the Application Pool and accessed through the HttpContext.Current.Cache object. When the Application Pool was recycled, so too was the cache. When moving a web ...

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Managing your flexible Azure infrastructure with ARM Templates

DevOps enables organizations to shorten cycle times, foster collaboration, accelerate feedback loops, optimize resources, and more. To accomplish all of this, we work with organizations to make improvements across people, process, and tools. As part of our customer engagements, one of the items that we focus heavily on is the ability to manage infrastructure as ...

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Why You Should Automate Your Release Pipeline

Release Day used to mean weekends spent deploying the latest code, database changes, and website content. Release teams would huddle together in war rooms troubleshooting issues, deploying hotfixes, coordinating deployments, testing, fixing, and redeploying again and again. As the trend in development shifts toward more agile delivery and customers clamor for continuous deployment, this model ...

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Welcome Facundo Gauna and Jeff Truman!

We are excited to announce our newest team members, Facundo Gauna and Jeff Truman! Facundo is a full-stack Software Developer with emphasis on the .NET stack.  He loves AngularJS and Web APIs alike. He has been part of startups and large companies, including Orange Lake Resorts and Disney.  He loves exploring different technologies and choosing ...

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Nebbia Technology Finalist for the 2016 Don Quijote Awards

Nebbia Technology is proud to be named one of three Finalists for the 2016 Don Quijote Awards for the Hispanic Business of the Year, 5 Years or Less category.  The Don Quijote Awards were first presented in 1998 and highlight businesses and individuals committed to excellence while further developing the Hispanic business community.  The Hispanic ...

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