Losing your “ARM” “AZ” you move forward with Azure PowerShell

For any of us that have interacted with Microsoft Azure for any length of time, we know that at times there are actions or resources that are not fully configurable from the Azure Portal.  When times like this occur one way to handle this is to jump to the Azure PowerShell modules to make these ...

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Six Dangers of Cloud Migration

Transitioning to the Cloud is no small task. It is fraught with risk for any organization who makes the transition. At the same time, it is packed with an even greater amount of business value that an organization can extract when properly transitioned. When things go wrong, they are not immediately obvious, but usually are ...

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Upcoming Workshops in 2019

One of our three strategic anchors at Nebbia Technology is Community (along with Expertise and Impact).  Our Community anchor encompasses User Group involvement (both speaking and organizing), speaking at Conferences, hosting user group meetings in our Orlando office as well as offering free workshops throughout the Southeast on topics ranging from DevOps, Azure, IoT and ...

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Nebbia Tech Named a Winner in the 21st Don Quijote Awards

We are excited to announce that Nebbia Technology has been awarded the "Hispanic Business of the Year, Five Years or Less" at the annual Don Quijote Awards gala this past weekend. For the past 21 years the awards, presented by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando and Prospera, “recognize the hardworking, innovative entrepreneurs who exhibited the ...

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