[dropcap type=”naked”]N[/dropcap]ebbia Technology can help your organization take the leap into the Cloud with the power of Azure.  We have years of experience successfully deploying to and leveraging Azure to give you the scalability and flexibility that you expect while keeping your applications secure and fast.

Let us help you create the road map needed to successfully move to Azure.  Whether you want to move your entire infrastructure or strategically take advantage of Azure’s Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service offerings, we can provide you with the right guidance and know-how.


What does the Cloud mean to my organization and how do we take advantage of it?

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[tab-title id=”1″] Platform [/tab-title]
[tab-title id=”2″] Infrastructure [/tab-title]

[tab-title id=”3″] Application Lifecycle Management [/tab-title]


[tab-body id=”1″]Create highly scalable and fault resistant applications by using Azure’s Platform as a Service offerings.

Build your applications on top of a proven model that will allow you to easily scale up or scale out depending on your needs.


[tab-body id=”2″]Create and launch a Virtual environment in minutes instead of days or weeks while only pay for just what you use.  We will help you design and deploy the right infrastructure to help you during development and deployment of your applications.

Nebbia Technology was built from the ground up to be 100% Azure-based and we can apply that experience to help you be successful.


[tab-body id=”3″]You can now have the full power of TFS on the Cloud without the need to install and maintain an on-premises system. Let us help you understand how to take advantage of Visual Studio Online to manage your software development process.  In addition to the great TFS features that you already know and enjoy, take advantage of the additional flexibility offered by elastic builds, cloud-based load testing, ease of deployment, and more.[/tab-body]



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[accordion-title] Who we are? [/accordion-title]

We are Application Lifecycle Management experts will help your team get the most out of your tools and software development process.  We are a cloud-first software company that focuses on Microsoft technologies. We build amazing products that leverage Azure while applying best practices in Application Lifecycle Management.

We have a cloud-first focus and we partner with clients to help them move to the cloud and get the most out of their cloud investment.

[accordion-title] What we do? [/accordion-title]


[item icon=”fa-check”]Application Lifecycle Management[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Azure[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Software Development[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Consulting[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Microsoft Technologies[/item]


[accordion-title] Why we do this? [/accordion-title]


We are passionate about our craft and our results show it.  We love to partner with our clients to provide amazing software solutions.

Our entire team is involved with the software development community through one or more of the following:

[item icon=”fa-check”]User Group leadership[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Active Blogging[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Conference speakers[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Open Source Projects[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check”]Organize Developer Events[/item]



Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Partners are certified for their deep knowledge of our products and services. Nebbia Technology’s team has achieved certifications and customer references that show that we are experts in the Application Lifecycle Management and Azure. We blend rich, engaging design with leading-edge engineering to build technology for people and results for business. By partnering with Microsoft, Nebbia Technology is able to provide our customers with the expertise and support needed to adopt Visual Studio ALM tools and have a successful Azure adoption.