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Chris is a DevOps consultant and full-stack Software Developer with a focus in modern applications built with Single Page Apps, RESTful APIs, and cloud technologies following agile practices. Throughout his career, Chris has tried to follow industry best practices and standards. Earlier in his career, he had lots of experience with security, infrastructure, and networking. Focusing on Dev Ops ties all of the different roles together. In his free time, Chris is a speaker at numerous meetups, an avid reader and a gamer.

What is the Value of DevOps?

By |2019-11-01T07:41:02-05:00November 1st, 2019|

Everyone is talking about DevOps. I'm sure you've heard it. One of the best definitions is: the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. What does that mean? What is value? How do we know we've delivered value? And why continuous delivery? Value Let's start with Value. There ...

Git Branching Strategies

By |2019-06-26T10:47:58-05:00May 16th, 2019|

Git Branching Strategies As a developer I have felt the pain of long, complex, merges of code. Juggling which branch to apply a hotfix, which release is in production and how we patch it. Do we roll back the code, apply the fix, then roll forward? Make a branch, fix it, then release that? And ...

TFVC to Git – Things to Consider

By |2019-04-17T14:13:16-05:00April 11th, 2019|

Consider There are a lot of things to consider when migrating from TFVC, a centralized version control, to Git, a distributed version control system.   While it's easy to think version control is version control, there are actually a lot of differences.  Let's walk through some of the things to consider after you've made the decision ...