As Microsoft and New Signature begin their new fiscal year on July 1, 2019 there are announcements coming out about funding opportunities your company may be able to leverage around Azure, DevOps, Data/AI and IoT.  My goal in this post it so highlight programs currently available and I will make additions as more programs are announced.  To find out if your organization qualifies for this funding, please contact Chelsea Coster.

Azure Everywhere

This funding program can be used for helping qualifying customers with leveraging Azure and DevOps effectively for their organization.  Depending on the qualifying opportunity, funding could be requested for up to 5 days and the types of engagement activities in this program include:

  • Assessment – Discovery and identification session of applications and infrastructure best suited to move to or architect in the cloud. Delivered by a Microsoft partner, an assessment helps determine the right approach, technologies and tools for Infrastructure modernization.
  • Architectural Design Sessions (ADS) – Analysis of Microsoft products to assist clients in developing a framework. The objective is to have the right solution to cater to customer’s growing business requirements.
  • Hackfest – Low-risk way for customers to build an app with expert 1:1 guidance from a Microsoft partner. A hackathon provides the customer the opportunity to get hands-on experience with architecting a solution or building an application utilizing the customer’s Azure account.
  • Hands-on training – Partner-led in-person or virtual trainings with a mix of architecture design and hands-on lab experience to test drive Azure solutions.
  • Proof of Concept (POC) – Service type that provides evidence such that the customer can evaluate the feasibility of a technical solution being proposed. The evidence can be in the form of working prototypes, documents, and designs, and are sometimes production-ready deliverables.
  • Azure Governance – Assessment and roadmap design to optimize a customer’s Azure governance. Covers core principles of cost management, security baseline, resource consistency, identity baseline, and deployment acceleration.

Azure Adoption

This funding program can be used to deploy or migrate Azure custom solutions quickly and confidently as well as train customers on Azure Fundamentals topics.  Depending on the qualifying opportunity, funding could be requested for up to 7 days and the types of engagement activities in this program include:

  • App modernization – Partner-led engagement to help a customer’s software developers quickly and easily modernize existing packaged or custom apps to Azure.
  • Deployments – The build of a new cloud-native application in Azure.
  • Migrations – The transfer of a customer’s existing IT infrastructure from a competing cloud service or on-premise to Azure.
  • Fundamentals on Azure – Training conducted by partners that ensures that at least three members of the customer’s IT staff get trained on: foundation level cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust, Azure pricing, and available support. Learn more

For both of the Azure Everywhere and Azure Adoption the opportunities/engagement workloads that could qualify include but are not limited to:

  • DevOps
  • App Development/Modernizing Applications/App Innovation
    • App Innovation (AKS & Containers)
    • App Innovation (App Service, Serverless, Cognitive Services)
    • App Modernization (Website/Webapp)
  • Data
    • Analytics, Modern Data Warehouse (SQL DW, Data Lake)
    • New Apps (Cosmos DB)
    • SQL DW Migration
    • SQL Migration/Managed Instance
    • SQL VMs (IaaS)
  • Developing Infrastructure
    • Business Continuity/DR
    • Enterprise Application Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure Migration
    • Networking (Including ExpressRoute, vWAN)
  • Cloud Governance
  • Advanced Networking/Advanced Security
  • IoT
    • 3rd party IoT solutions
    • Azure Sphere
    • IoT Central
    • IoT Hub

Both of these programs have been expanded and include more opportunities for us to partner together in Microsoft’s new fiscal year!  I look forward to learning how I could leverage this funding for you and your organization to help you on your Azure and DevOps journey.