Join us Tuesday, November 6th at the Microsoft office in Tampa, Florida for our upcoming workshop: Azure Adoption Strategies! This will be an expert-led session that will include hands-on experiences with Azure, as well as discussions with our team and your peers related to ways that you can get to the Cloud successfully.

There are a lot of good reasons for enterprises to move to the Cloud, such as greater business agility, keeping track with the speed of innovation, and cost savings. The Cloud also changes how your company will consume technology. It has a lot of benefits, and it also bring some challenges, including the integration of cloud services into the enterprise architecture, security and compliance of corporate data, managing employee-led cloud usage, establishing operational processes for cloud services, and even the development of necessary skills needed in the cloud era.

Join us at this Azure Adoption Strategies session where we will cover Azure adoption strategies. We will talk about policies and processes so that your team and business departments can take advantage of cloud services that drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance, and governance of corporate data. We will provide you with an overview, guidance, and best practices for enterprise IT departments to introduce, consume, and manage Microsoft Azure-based services within your organization.

The workshop will cover:

  • Cloud compute strategies
  • Migration strategies
  • Azure Security
  • Policies
  • Cost Management
  • DevOps practices

If you’re an enterprise architects, cloud architect, system architect, or an IT manager, check out our workshop on November 6th to learn about the most effective strategies to move to the Cloud!

For more details and to register, please click here.