Nebbia Technology and Microsoft are continuing our App Modernization Series with another workshop in Jacksonville, FL on May 10th and a hands-on Cloud-First Development workshop in Orlando, FL on May 23rd. The Orlando workshop will be an extension of our App Modernization event from February; however, you are free to attend even if you missed the February workshop! This one will be more lab-based. We’ll be covering how to leverage Azure’s Platform as a Service capabilities to power your web application and related database. We will then rearchitect parts of the application and introduce Azure’s Serverless technologies to provide you with the ability to scale and quickly deploy changes to different components of your application, while keeping your users up and running. Our Chief Technologist/Founder, Esteban Garcia, will be facilitating both workshops.

In addition to our workshops, we are also offering two webcasts on May 3rd and May 14th.

On May 3rd, join us to learn three ways to deploy your PaaS application to Azure. We will cover different ways to deploy web applications and SQL Databases to Azure.  You will learn how to use Microsoft’s tools to develop and deploy to Azure, starting with Visual Studio, using ARM Templates, and leveraging the new Azure DevOps Projects to interact with VSTS.

On May 14th, we’ll be talking about monitoring your Azure-based applications. Application Insights helps you monitor your live applications by giving you the tools to detect and diagnose performance issues, and getting insights into how your application is used. Once you deploy your application to Azure, it will be important to determine usage patterns, performance changes, response time metrics, and other key information to help you keep your application running efficiently. This webcast will show you how to configure Application Insights, monitor your application, setup alerts, and provide continuous feedback to your team.

If you have an application modernization strategy and aren’t sure how to get there, these events are sure to help! Register today to secure your seat and take the next step in your cloud journey.