Why the combination of our core capabilities make us a great partner for you.

My 30 second elevator pitch on Nebbia Technology includes mentioning our three Microsoft Gold Competencies – DevOps, Cloud Platform and Application Development which directly relates to our three core capabilities – DevOps, Azure and cloud first software development. From there I often begin understanding the customer’s current state and potential problems they want to solve without diving as deep as I want into what each of these competencies mean and why the combination of all three could make Nebbia Technology a great partner for you. In most calls and meetings, companies have had one of the three core capabilities on their mind and I may miss an opportunity to discuss the other two in the level of detail desired. Below I describe each capability in further detail and explain why the combination of all three make Nebbia Technology an effective choice for assisting you with your DevOps journey, Azure adoption and software development projects and enhancements.




I love my friend Donovan’s definition of DevOps (after meeting him at the Orlando .NET User group I think I am allowed to call him my friend) – The union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. My favorite words in this definition (and where I personally think Nebbia can help you the most) is union and value. In some of my initial calls and meetings, I may be talking to either the dev team or the infrastructure team and they ask “do we need to include the other team in this DevOps engagement?” The very nature of the question warrants a shift in mindset and makes me glad that I am speaking with them. Anyone touching code and responsible for deploying code successfully (and ultimately delivering value to end users) should be included in adopting DevOps best practices in an organization. We have helped companies with something as small as setting up build and release pipelines in VSTS to full DevOps adoption over the course of a year and beyond. If you have not had a DevOps assessment done in your organization or if you don’t feel like you have an effective plan for combining people, process and products to continuously deliver value, Nebbia can help you.


Microsoft Azure


While we can do the lift and shift approach to Azure, companies typically engage with us where Azure and DevOps meet. I thought this article by Conner Forrest did a great job of outlining how Gartner analyst Mindy Cancila recommends developing a cloud first strategy. Nebbia Technology recently worked with Microsoft to build an Application Modernization assessment tool that helps you categorize your applications as cloud ready, identify which applications could benefit from re-architecting, refactoring or rebuilding them to get more out of your Azure investment and which applications you may simply want to rehost or replace. Some companies we work with are already in Azure and they work with us to get more out of their cloud investment, perhaps by leveraging ARM templates for automation or figuring out how to better take advantage of the services in Azure to get a larger return on investment. Other companies are completely on-prem and are just beginning their cloud strategy.

Another big question/objection I get on calls and in meetings regarding the cloud is around governance, security and budget. Recently a lot of Security team members I have spoken with are onboard with moving to the cloud and they just want to know how their environments will continue being secure and that they are meeting security and audit standards. We have worked closely with organization’s across many verticals to help them set up governance and come up with a strategy that allows them to controls costs/resources, pass their security audits and keep customer’s data secure.

Whether you want to walk before you run to Azure or if you are already in Azure and want to cross the finish line, we can help you create and implement your Azure Strategy and ensure it is secure, within budget and scalable.


Cloud First Software Development


Lately when I talk about software development, I refer to it as cloud first software development. Some customers have pushed back and said “we don’t do cloud first development” or “we are not ready for the cloud.” While you may still be deploying on-prem today, every new application you are building could be built with the cloud in mind. We advocate that you architect and build your applications with a cloud first mindset so even if you are deploying on-prem today, you could easily deploy to Azure tomorrow. Nebbia has a team of Azure certified developers who have extensive experience developing applications to maximize everything Azure has to offer. We also invest in sending our team to various Microsoft Cloud bootcamps to stay up to date on the latest technology. Whether you have new projects and products you want to build and don’t have the bandwidth and expertise in house, or if you have enhancements to existing projects and products Nebbia can help you.


DevOps and Azure and Software Development, Oh My!

With our powers combined (insert Captain Planet theme song), Nebbia Technology can help you innovate faster, mitigate risk, develop for the future and gain a competitive advantage.