Often people think of DevOps as just automation and tools.  And, while they are an important part of the solution, they are not the driving force behind implementing DevOps at your organization.

DevOps starts with people

At its core, DevOps looks to bring people together, helping teams work closer to deliver value faster.  This is achieved through communication and collaboration, while focusing on improving the organization’s practices and alignment to put the organization in position to deliver value faster.  Collaboration starts early in the process, rather than just a handoff at the end of a process.  Working closely together from the beginning helps everyone in an organization get in full alignment of what you are trying to accomplish, your company’s and team’s purpose, and ultimately, get to a point where you have shared priorities and backlog.



DevOps enables your App Modernization strategy

Technology is all around us, and it shapes the way that businesses plan and grow within their markets.  This is why you may be hearing more and more about companies going through digital transformation.  Modernization strategies are typically centered around these areas:

  • Engaging their customers – Our customers are looking for engaging experiences and they want to know that their feedback is heard and changes are implemented quickly.
  • Empowering their employees – We want our employees to make decisions faster which requires friction free access to data, reporting and analysis.
  • Optimizing their operations – Businesses want rapid innovation – to rollout out new business models, optimize business processes, respond to regulations
  • Transforming their products – With the accelerating pace of change around us, every business needs to innovate & change faster than ever before. Old infrastructure and traditional ways of building apps are becoming growth inhibitors for an enterprise


All of these require organizations to be well aligned and to have streamlined processes in place so that feedback can flow quickly and efficiently from end-users back to the teams.  That’s where tools come in, helping organizations enhance productivity, enable collaboration, and give teams an easy way to experiment with new technology.

DevOps helps you get to Azure faster and continue winning once you get there

At Nebbia, we see Azure as a key tool to enable your organization’s agility, giving your teams the ability to create technology resources quickly and integrate seamlessly with tools such as VSTS. A solid DevOps plan helps Development and Operations implement things such as instrumentation (App Insights) and Infrastructure as Code (ARM templates), which become a natural fit for teams to work together to not only deliver to production quicker, but to have the information necessary to streamline feedback.  This feedback helps us shape backlogs and continue building the tools that our end users truly want.

cloud computing

Let’s go from Code Commit to “Runs in Production” (and a flow of data back from production) quickly by implementing a robust build and release pipeline into Azure.  This provides your App modernization strategy with what it needs to deliver value early and often.

We can help!

Nebbia can help you create a modernization roadmap that includes ways to align your teams and enable them to deliver value faster.