As your organization moves technology forward, you may be faced with a lot of questions on how to start and the approach that you want to take to modernize your application portfolio.  In most cases, coupling your App modernization strategy to the cloud will give you technology options and enable the agility that your organization is looking for.  You want a platform that allows you to iterate quickly through your options, and give you the ability to try different scenarios before committing to a final solution.  And once you get to that solution, you want to be in a position to extend the solution to solve future business needs.

As you look at your Line of Business Application inventory, there are many ways to approach your App modernization journey, with strategies such as:

  • Re-hosting: Lift & Shift approach to quickly move your applications from your data center into the cloud
  • Refactoring: Make small and strategic changes to take better advantage of cloud, especially Platform as a Service resources
  • Rearchitecting: Make architecture changes to your application to enable deploying Microservices and take advantage of Serverless technologies
  • Rebuilding your application components to enable Cloud applications
  • Replace on-prem applications with existing SaaS offerings

Create an inventory of your applications with the goal to find applications that would be the best fit to be moved to the cloud

As part of your App Modernization strategy, the first step is to create an inventory of your applications with the goal to find applications that would be the best fit to be moved to the cloud, or applications that will allow you to create a roadmap and repeatable process to be followed by other applications. .

The output is more than just a list of your applications.  Creating an inventory will help you understand the business drivers behind your App Modernization, get a complete picture of the technology that drives the business, understand application usage and topology, and to determine the overall complexity and associated risk for your Line of Business applications.  The inventory should be done throughout the entire organization and it should not be limited to applications built and supported by the IT department.

Business Drivers for Modernization

Going through an inventory process will surface the drivers for your transformation and help you focus on the applications that will bring the most impact to your organization.

  • Reduce time-to-market and cost Speed/Agility
    • Drive market innovation and agility
    • Streamline operations
  • Scale: customer reach and engagement
    • Enable complex multi-platform environments
    • Deploy your applications across Geographies and implement Disaster Recovery plans
  • Security: protect your and your customer’s data
    • Secure communications
    • Authentication
    • Keep services constantly available with high levels of performance and availability.
  • Innovation: drive innovation and market differentiation

How do you get there?

A lift-and-shift approach will get you to Azure very fast, without many changes to your application.  And that may be effective in the short-term.  If you are looking to harness the full power of Azure, your roadmap to modernization should include Serverless technologies such as Azure functions, Microservices using Service Fabric, or Containers.


Some of the benefits of including these as part of your modernization strategy are:

  • Faster and shorter cycles
  • Code portability
  • Greater cloud efficiency (resources, speed, cost)
  • Hyperscale
  • Independently scale and deploy parts of your apps
  • Ability to mix technology stacks

We can help!

Nebbia Technology can help you get there. We offer an App Modernization assessment that will put you in a position to succeed on your way to Azure.  Our DevOps and Cloud-first approach focuses on shortening the cycle-time from an idea to production, and we will help you  identify the applications that can make it to Azure the fastest, with the lowest amount of risk and changes.  From there, we will create a roadmap to move your Line of Business applications to the cloud, by Re-hosting, Refactoring, Re-architecting, and Rebuilding.

We are coming to a town near you

Over the next few months, we are hosting App Modernizations workshops throughout the Southeast, at the following locations:

February 13th: Orlando
February 20th: Raleigh
February 21st: Winston-Salem
February 22nd: Charlotte
February 27th: Tampa
March 1st: Fort Lauderdale
March 27th: Atlanta

You can get more information and sign up here!