Recently I needed a way to capture what was being worked on in the current sprint for one of our projects. I followed the instructions in this blog post on how to query by date or current iteration but I received this error, “VS402612: The macro ‘@CurrentIteration’ is not supported without a team context.

Pasted image at 2017_06_27 01_24 PM

If you have run into this , you can follow these steps for a workaround that will gave you the same information that the @CurrentIteration query provides.

In the first clause of your new query select “Iteration Path” for the Field and “Under” for the Operator. The value will be the current sprint for that project. Then you will want to add a new clause, select “And,” “Work Item Type” equals “Product Backlog item” and create a third clause for a “Bug.” The last clause you will want to create is for the “State” which should equal “Committed.”


You can view the results right in VSTS or you can create an excel list.

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