As I travel the southeast region of the US and deliver VSTS and DevOps training one thing has become abundantly clear…  Companies are joining the race to DevOps.  The auto race analogy actually works very well in the DevOps transition that is occurring in technology.  There are many teams already racing, some are faster than others and some are just blowing up.  Now let’s see what is working and what isn’t.

Three facets of DevOps

The order of the graphic above is very purposeful in how it is organized.  There are three main facets of the DevOps conversation. One facet is a lot more work than the others.

People first!

The first and most important facet that needs to be tackled is People.  DevOps can be taught, processes can be explained and tools can be demoed, but until adoption by the organization is embraced by all levels, you might as well be entering a Nascar race with a pedal car. Processes and Tools seem to be quick wins, are often the parts of the process the companies choose to tackle first.

As a company joins the DevOps race, they need the whole team to succeed in order to win.  You can’t just have a driver and no one to build the engine or to manage the team.  It all has to be a complete team effort.  Often I see a progressive developer or that Ops guy that just won’t stop talking about DevOps being “promoted” to DevOps engineer.  The only problem with this is that he or she is then a team of one trying win a race.  That just is not a winning strategy.  The successful implementations of DevOps that I have witnessed have been complete corporate culture pivots from the highest levels in the organization.

It’s a 24 hour endurance race not a 1/8 drag

These pivots never happen overnight and i don’t want to discourage you if you feel like you are the only “driver” on the team.  If you are that person then at least be the evangelist and start to show why DevOps makes sense.  Don’t just talk about it… start to develop proof of concept implementations that can show the time savings and cost savings that DevOps really drive.  The best way to get the attention of the entire org is by showing the hours and $$ that will be saved by running the race the right way.

If you need help telling the story of DevOps or educating your org about Best Practices… please let us know.