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DevOps, Tesla, and The Machine That Makes The Machine

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By Heisenberg Media, Steve Jurvetson - this image is derived from multiple other images. It was announced recently that Tesla surpassed Ford in market value. While some of that evaluation can be attributed to hype, that's still real money that investors are pouring into a company that was born less than fifteen years ...

Esteban Garcia 1 of 5 Coaches at Agile Orlando’s Coach Blitz

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Esteban Garcia along with Heidi Araya, Jens Ostergaard, Curtis Michelson and Steven Granese will be coaching at Agile Orlando’s Coach Blitz on Tuesday, May 9th.  Esteban specializes in Agile software development practices and DevOps and will be available throughout the day to answer questions and have discussions on how you can enable automation and software development best practices ...

Azure Traffic Manager Keeps Your Website Up When Your Datacenter Goes Down

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Stories of widescale website outages caused by cloud datacenter failures have been in the news this past month. These outages have led many to lament cloud computing and ponder bringing services back in-house, as if running the websites on their own servers would somehow protect against having just one point of failure. These concerns are not related to ...

The Race to DevOps

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As I travel the southeast region of the US and deliver VSTS and DevOps training one thing has become abundantly clear…  Companies are joining the race to DevOps.  The auto race analogy actually works very well in the DevOps transition that is occurring in technology.  There are many teams already racing, some are faster than others ...