Today, during the Connect(); event, Microsoft announced the availability of their high-fidelity TFS to VSTS migration tool.  This tool allows users that are running the latest version of TFS to migrate all of their data into Visual Studio Team Services.

Nebbia Technology was involved in migrations using this new tool as part of a Private Preview program, and now that the tool is publicly available, we are able to help companies like yours move quickly and reliably to VSTS.  We are proud to be part of a select group of Microsoft Partners that is able to work with this new migration tool to help customers move to VSTS quickly and safely.

Throughout the process, we will help you get all the pre-requisites together to prepare you for the migration.  If you are not on one of TFS’s 2 latest updates (currently TFS 2015 Update 3 or TFS 2017), we will upgrade you to the latest TFS version.  After that, we may need to make some modifications to your work item templates and generate mappings between your on-premises users and Azure AD.  After that, we will be ready to get you to VSTS.


The best part is that you will keep all of your Work Items (including their IDs), changesets, Test cases, etc.  This is very similar to detaching your database and moving it to a new TFS server, except that now, you  will have all the benefits of running in VSTS.  Some of those benefits include:

· Upgraded every 3 weeks: Since Team Services is cloud-based, Microsoft automatically upgrades your account with the latest features as they are released.

· Simplified administrations: The Microsoft team will monitor your Team Services account around the clock to make sure it is available for your team.

· Accessible from everywhere: Your team members will have the flexibility they need to securely access your account from work, home, or their mobile devices.

· Cloud-first innovation: Microsoft releases features to Team Services ahead of making it available in updates from Team Foundation Server.

· Free for Visual Studio subscribers: Visual Studio (formerly MSDN) subscribers have Visual Studio Team Services already included as one of their subscription benefits.

· Power your Cloud Modernization initiatives: Adopting Team Services will help your company with modernizing and driving agility and DevOps practices by making it easier to deploy your apps to the cloud and increase delivery of new business value.

· Leverage developer services in the Microsoft Cloud: Using Team Services allows you to also take advantage of the many other developer services in the Microsoft Cloud like Azure, on-demand build & deployment servers, the Load Testing Service, Application Insights, HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, and many others.


Team Services is Microsoft Software as a Service platform that allows teams to collaborate together by providing Agile tools, version control (centralized and Git), Continuous Integration, Release Management, Test Management, Package Management, and more.  You can access VSTS at