We are excited to announce that Esteban Garcia will be doing a Redgate DLM Workshop on October 6th as a Pre-Event Training Session for SQL Saturday #564.  The Redgate DLM Workshop will take place at Nova Southeastern University in Orlando and SQL Saturday is the following Saturday, October 8th, at Seminole State College in Sanford.  This is the 3rd workshop in the Redgate Database Lifecycle Management series and focuses on Automated Database Deployment.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  1. Deploy databases using Redgate’s DLM tools
  2. Assess the different requirements of production and non-production depoyments
  3. Handle database administration tasks, such as backups and security, for automated deployment

We’ll start with the essential background – how continuous delivery for databases works, why it cuts out human error, how you can use it to make deployment safe and simple, the different requirements for production and non-production deployments, and the tools available for the job.  You’ll then get your hands dirty in hands-on labs, as we set up an automated deployment process for SQL Server together, using NuGet, Octopus Deploy, and Redgate tools.  You’ll learn how to deploy with PowerShell and Octopus Deploy, work with NuGet packages, handle unexpected changes in your production database (database drift), test your changes with dry run releases, add review and rollback steps, check your deployments have worked, and how to fix things if your deployment fails.

You don’t need to prepare ahead and you don’t need to have automated your deployments before (for applications or for databases). We’ll bring virtual machines set up with everything you need – software, test databases, and a clean install of SQL Server.  You’ll finish the day with all the skills you need to safely automate your own database deployments, using the tools covered in this workshop, or whichever ones you prefer.

You can view additional details and register here.  The early bird price of $170 ends September 14th and then the price is $195.

We look forward to having you in this hands-on workshop!