Esteban Garcia along with Mark Kilby, Jens Ostergaard, Curtis Michelson and Steven Granese will be coaching at Agile Orlando’s Coach Blitz in early 2017.  Esteban specializes in Agile software development practices and DevOps and will be available throughout the day to answer questions and have discussions on how you can enable automation and software development best practices to help agile teams succeed in delivering quality software.

This is a great event to attend if you are stuck with a difficult challenge with your team, software requirements, your development infrastructure, or organization.  Attendees will have five coaches available with multiple “rounds” for the blitz.  Four coaches will provide one-to-one coaching on a topic you choose and a fifth coach will be with the “crowd” to either provide a lightening talk or answer questions from the FAQ grab bag.  They will have four rounds where coaches and attendees will shuffle in between rounds and there will be a final wrap-up at the end.

For additional details, the latest news and registration, you can go to the Agile Orlando Meetup page here.