On Thursday, December 11th, Nebbia Technology participated in Orlando’s first city-wide Hour of Code event.  The Hour of Code program, which engages participants from all over the world, features game-like, self-directed tutorials from notable figures. Celebrity teachers include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies. Through the lessons, children learn basic concepts of computer science with drag-and-drop programming.


Nebbia’s Chief Technologist, Esteban Garcia, brought the event to the attention of the Orlando Tech Association in October, and the event quickly turned into a big event spanning 4 middle schools throughout Orlando.  In addition to helping bring the event to Orlando, Nebbia’s team spent the afternoon introducing middle-schoolers to programming.  Brian Hall went at Odyssey Middle School while Esteban went to Howard Middle School.

This was an amazing and rewarding opportunity to work with kids at an early age to help them spend an hour coding and having fun.  We look forward to seeing these kids developing software in the future!