Workaround for Pulling Current Iteration Work Items in VSTS

Recently I needed a way to capture what was being worked on in the current sprint for one of our projects. I followed the instructions in this blog post on how to query by date or current iteration but I received this error, “VS402612: The macro ‘@CurrentIteration’ is not supported without a team context. If […]

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Choosing Git for source control of your new project in VSTS

Choosing Git Over TFVC In VSTS

Red Pill Or Blue Pill While setting up a new project on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), you are given a choice. The choice of source control. That choice provides the direction of how your code will be managed. In one hand, you have the blue pill. Team Foundation Version Control, or TFVC for short. […]

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If You Hear These Phrases, You Might Need Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

There are so many features in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services that it can be difficult to wrap your head around what all they do and if you are utilizing the tool to it’s fullest potential. Phrases like “Stay connected from idea to release” and “Improve code quality and catch issues early” from the Team […]

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Integrate Cloud Load Testing into Your Release Pipeline with VSTS

How fast does your website respond under typical user load? What would performance look like with a sudden 75% increase in traffic? Or 300%? Is the code you’re about to deploy going to improve or degrade performance of the website? What kind of difference will scaling out or up make to your website’s performance? If […]

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Team Services and Your Cross-platform Teams

As a DevOps consulting company, we are often asked by our customers to provide them with guidance about tools that will help them improve their software development process.  Since we are a Microsoft DevOps partner and experts in Team Services, those conversations typically go in the direction on how Team Service and Azure can be […]

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3 Easy Customizations in Team Services that Add Immediate Value

As a non-developer who appreciates easy-to-use tools, I was jealous of our technical team and how they could use Visual Studio Team Services to track work and manage their backlog. When our Software Architect, Mikey Cooper, suggested we use Team Services to track our Sales Pipeline I was immediately intrigued. Once he set it up […]

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Devops Is A Process

TFS to VSTS Migration Tool announced at Connect();

Today, during the Connect(); event, Microsoft announced the availability of their high-fidelity TFS to VSTS migration tool.  This tool allows users that are running the latest version of TFS to migrate all of their data into Visual Studio Team Services. Nebbia Technology was involved in migrations using this new tool as part of a Private […]

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Creating Excel reports from Queries in VSTS

Recently I needed a quick way to pull up information on a project, specifically hours worked and the PBIs that were “done” in that time frame as well as a list of new, approved and committed PBIs in Excel format. The easiest way to do this is if you already have Visual Studio installed and […]

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Training DevOps

Training Courses Available

In addition to ALM/DevOps Consulting, Azure Consulting, Custom Development and Product Development, Nebbia Technology also has a variety of training courses available. The three training courses currently listed on our site include Visual Studio Team Services, Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager.  We also have the ability to create customized training for […]

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Nebbia Webcasts

Azure DevOps Webcast Series Starting March 11th

Nebbia Technology’s very own Esteban Garcia will be hosting the first of many Azure DevOps webcasts on Friday, March 11th at 12 PM EST. Migrating to Azure enables teams to take advantage of great automation functionality that will reduce the time that it takes you to deliver your applications.  This session will show you how […]

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