Nebbia Technology hosts first Office Hours on August 3rd

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our first Azure and DevOps office hours at our office in Downtown Orlando on Thursday, August 3rd from 9 AM to 11 AM EST. Our experts will be available to meet with you and answer your Azure and/or DevOps questions that have been keeping you […]

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Integrate Cloud Load Testing into Your Release Pipeline with VSTS

How fast does your website respond under typical user load? What would performance look like with a sudden 75% increase in traffic? Or 300%? Is the code you’re about to deploy going to improve or degrade performance of the website? What kind of difference will scaling out or up make to your website’s performance? If […]

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Code your Azure Function directly in the Azure portal

Going Serverless with Azure Functions

Azure Functions open a door to new ways of solving business problems that are more focused or isolated in nature. A Function could be a simple task of sending an email when something happens or a more complex chain of dependent processes. The primary benefit is the ability to create small solutions without the need to build an entire web […]

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Azure Traffic Manager Keeps Your Website Up When Your Datacenter Goes Down

Stories of widescale website outages caused by cloud datacenter failures have been in the news this past month. These outages have led many to lament cloud computing and ponder bringing services back in-house, as if running the websites on their own servers would somehow protect against having just one point of failure. These concerns are not related to […]

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BTU launches Sales Freight Platform–Powered by Azure and implemented by Nebbia

BTU Software, a supply chain software company, launched its flagship product, which provides 3PL transportation providers with the tools needed to predict pricing and market changes. By leveraging Azure services, such as App Service, SQL, and Machine Learning, Nebbia Technology developed a platform that will help the 3PL industry by analyzing market data and helping […]

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Nebbia Technology joins Microsoft at The 360 on Innovative Applications in Atlanta

On Tuesday, March 20th, Nebbia Technology will join Microsoft at The 360 on Innovative Application in Atlanta.  This is part of a 12-city tour that will help customers get a 360 degree view of how you can architect and maintain applications with DevOps processes so that you can delight your customers and employees, provide an […]

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Azure Key Vault Title Image

Keeping Secrets with Azure Key Vault

In today’s world of managing source code and DevOps across developer machines and ALM systems, it has become an absolute must to secure access to sensitive data. Items such as passwords, certificates, and cryptographic Keys. Managing the access to these assets on your own can be tricky at best and catastrophically insecure at worst. Luckily […]

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Nebbia Webcasts

Upcoming Azure Webcasts

  Jeff Truman will kick off our first Azure webcast of 2017 on March 16th at 12 PM EST. He will provide a general overview of Azure, show Azure capabilities, provide an intro to the Azure Portal and ARM infrastructure as well as address typical security concerns with the cloud. He will also discuss hybrid […]

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App Insights Brittle App

What Should You Log to Application Insights? Everything!

One question that comes up time and again from our customers: What should I log to Application Insights? Application Insights gives you an extraordinary amount of information out-of-the-box with just a few lines of code added to your server and/or client codebase. Exception and dependency tracking, average page view time, long-running queries, performance metrics, request statistics, availability measures… the standard […]

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Exploring the NoSQL options on Azure

For the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of talk around NoSQL. It’s an exciting new world that is unfolding from the good ol’ days of when SQL was the only data persistence in town. Don’t worry, I’ll cover what NoSQL is and how Azure can help you get there. What is NoSQL? NoSQL is a […]

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