Timeless software development skills

Timeless Software Development Skills

Modern software development. It’s full of tools, frameworks, languages, and plenty of heady discussion about the pros and cons of each. You wonder from one day to the next whether your framework or stack of choice is sexy enough to keep you employed for the next few years, let alone the next decade. Yet through […]

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If You Hear These Phrases, You Might Need Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

There are so many features in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services that it can be difficult to wrap your head around what all they do and if you are utilizing the tool to it’s fullest potential. Phrases like “Stay connected from idea to release” and “Improve code quality and catch issues early” from the Team […]

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DevOps, Tesla, and The Machine That Makes The Machine

It was announced recently that Tesla surpassed Ford in market value. While some of that evaluation can be attributed to hype, that’s still real money that investors are pouring into a company that was born less than fifteen years ago. How did this startup surpass the value of a company with 100 years of growth and market […]

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Computing is Fragile

The Fragility of Technology (And What We Can Do About It)

I loaded and reloaded, and yet the message stayed the same. 404, no access, can’t compute. Why wasn’t Trello working? I needed Trello. I use a program called Pomello to help track my productivity, and it won’t work without Trello. Like Pavlov’s dog, when I hear the clock winding noise as Pomello starts I get into […]

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Hub analytics from Microsoft Azure IoT Hub that shows a device talking to others.

Why Microsoft Azure IoT Hub: An Overview

A manager of a plant floor is dreaming. “Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance.” She wakes up in a cold sweat. Her husband turns to her, “Honey, what’s wrong?” She sighs, blurry-eyed, and stares at the ceiling hoping it will jog her memory. “I was dreaming about the plant floor. That I could see everything that was going on […]

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