Choosing Git for source control of your new project in VSTS

Choosing Git Over TFVC In VSTS

Red Pill Or Blue Pill While setting up a new project on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), you are given a choice. The choice of source control. That choice provides the direction of how your code will be managed. In one hand, you have the blue pill. Team Foundation Version Control, or TFVC for short. […]

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Code your Azure Function directly in the Azure portal

Going Serverless with Azure Functions

Azure Functions open a door to new ways of solving business problems that are more focused or isolated in nature. A Function could be a simple task of sending an email when something happens or a more complex chain of dependent processes. The primary benefit is the ability to create small solutions without the need to build an entire web […]

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Azure Key Vault Title Image

Keeping Secrets with Azure Key Vault

In today’s world of managing source code and DevOps across developer machines and ALM systems, it has become an absolute must to secure access to sensitive data. Items such as passwords, certificates, and cryptographic Keys. Managing the access to these assets on your own can be tricky at best and catastrophically insecure at worst. Luckily […]

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Azure Portal

Redis Cache On Azure and Why

In today’s world of distributed applications, having a cache solution that can scale with an application is a prerequisite for success. Caching in the AspNet world has typically been tied to the Application Pool and accessed through the HttpContext.Current.Cache object. When the Application Pool was recycled, so too was the cache. When moving a web […]

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